Relax, we are the good guys

was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Sintra


Relax, we are the good guys was founded in Buenos Aires in 2009 by Stine Hein and Felix Nielsen.
A digital agency that caters for clients like Centurion-Magazine and Glyptoteket with a strong focus on branded e-commerce, interactive campaign experiences and content-platforms

As your partners and friends we have the mindset of your personal creative technologist. This means that we combine our technical roots with creative ambition to help you achieve your wildest digital dreams or even dream up new stuff you never imagined possible.

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As a consultancy service we help brands set up the required infrastructure for handling the digital part of their business as well as working with them on new services and products to expand their existing business.

We enjoy working with both large international brands like Google, Ikea and Orange as well as tech startups with big plans.

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We are deeply interested in the the challenge of building artificial intelligence that is compatible with human well-being. Democratisation of AI is not necessarily all about data and computation. It's also about where it lives and what form it takes.

We elaborate on the exploration of how digital empowerment and artificial intelligence can foster meaningful interactions.

What you'll learn:
- Ethics and AI
- What is Democratising Tools
- How to bring your aspirations for democratising Tools to life

Selected workshops from this year IAM Week17, TABAKALERA and MADE IN SPACE

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Relax, we are the good guys is the mothership behind RELAX Dog, RELAX Tools and RELAX Motion - a diverse range of products and services in the RELAX family.

If you have an interesting idea that you want to get out - do reach out and if there is a synergy we make it fly together.