Relax, we are the good guys

was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen

- now you can find us in Berlin and Lisboa.


Hello there!

Relax, we are the good guys was founded in Copenhagen in 2009 by Stine Hein and Felix Nielsen. Originally a digital agency, we have since expanded our services to include digital product development for brands such as Google, Ikea and United Nations.

We currently have offices in Germany and Portugal and get our daily kicks from a good mix of Berlin’s urban ‘ping pong lifestyle’ and the dramatic nature and surf vibes of Lisboa.

We’re always up for meeting new people! So if you’re a new colleague, an old friend – or maybe a potential client – stop by our office or get in touch anytime.

On all jobs we’re involved in we value an extremely high level of execution – and we’re always striving to push the envelope, both in the technical and creative sphere.

Agency services

We believe that the best results come from having the right team mix of strategists, technical directors and creatives on board – and we approach every job as a unique challenge, requiring its own unique team constellation.

As your partners and friends we have the mindset of your personal creative technologist. This means that we combine our technical roots with creative ambition to help you achieve your wildest digital dreams – or even dream up new stuff you never imagined possible.

Product development and brand consultancy

Besides our agency services we also work together with brands like Google, Ikea and Orange to expand their digital product portfolios.

In this role we validate digital concepts and create prototypes for new and groundbreaking product ideas. And, depending on the type of product, we either assist the client in assembling the right project team for execution – or create the actual product and marketing initiatives around it ourselves.