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was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Sintra

Brdr. Krüger

In Danish "Brdr." stands for brothers. In 1886 the Krüger brothers Theodor and Ferdinand founded a woodturning company.

Brdr. Krüger believes that timeless quality is achieved through a combination of the best materials and the finest craftsmanship. The company has a strong passion for wood and values the feel and touch of this unique material.

Brdr. Krüger is synonymous with honest design –simple and functional in natural materialsA simplistic design appealing across generations.

The company now embraces modern technology and innovative solutions for optimizing production, while still nurturing the finest woodcrafting traditions.



We have created a branded e-commerce experience with large and rich imagery to inspire the clientele into a seamless shopping experience using the customiser to configure the products of their choice.

Brdr. Krüger is a 125 old woodshop that produces well renown Danish furniture classics. Just as with much of the furniture itself, the new digital identity is based on design principles inspired by the elegance and simplicity of Swiss design as well as the era it comes from.

The identity is brought to life through a modular yet rich and sophisticated website.



The website runs on our extended version of Umbraco. With Umbraco we can offer the client one of the best content management experiences around while giving us the freedom to implement highly custom features.

Fast! The extended version of Umbraco and our SPA front-end framwork makes it possible for us to build a website that is hyper fast using technologies like Ajax and HTML5 SessionStorage to save states across the experience. With the SPA framework our workflow from front to back-end is fully automated through various Gulp tasks making us focus solely on coding.

For hosting we use a couple virtual machines (back-up + hosting) and CDN for assets via Microsoft Azure. We built a custom shipping and cargo system that calculates prices from currency and weight allowing us to make the product customisation possible. A custom payment provider was built for Tea Commerce and a beautiful hacked inline payment system allows payments through Dandomain.

Product Customiser

Brdr. Krügers clientele are primed for customization just as the capabilities are evolving to serve the market. Technology has advanced to enable flexible, digitally controlled manufacturing processes and to integrate online design capabilities with supply chains.

Computing power and bandwidth are now sufficient to accommodate online design without making the experience cumbersome which is why we have centered the shopping experience around the customization this way enabling clients to engage with the products making it personal.