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was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Sintra

Centurion Magazine - Brand Platform

Centurion Magazine serves one of the most discerning audiences in the world: the most premium Cardmembers from American Express®. It’s an exclusive global community, united by their interests in travel, fine dining, the arts - and the best of everything that life has to offer.

Our challenge was to create a web app that could not only service this demanding target audience with additional content reserved exclusively for Centurion Magazine readers only - but also work as a public go-to destination for luxury content.

Our solution includes a wide variety of features and content - with most of them reserved for Centurion® Members from American Express.

Among these are: Content tailored to the users’ personal interests, luxe limited edition products created exclusively for Centurion readers by leading luxury brands, magazine archives, a comprehensive travel planner - and the definitive forecasting tool for 2016, The Compendium by Centurion.


Centurion Magazine Makeover

Centurion Magazine has some of the highest quality content and best recommendations in the world. So our design needed to achieve that same “ expensive” feeling. Function, aesthetics, a twist of white space, typography and motion all go hand in hand to provide the perfect framework for telling the editorial stories.

We limited the amount of colors to make room for the imagery and content to shine. As such, colors are only used to promote key-sections on the site.  

We allow the content to shine - and to encourage interaction with the site’s key features. Our aim is to emphasize those features by giving them an “App feeling” when using filters and main functionalities. Basically features are closest to you when you need them.

That approach makes both Desktop, tablet and mobile a 1:1 feeling and feels comfortable on every platform.



Centurion Magazine Technical Solution

We have created a Web-app that is responsive down to the last pixel, super light-weight progressive enhanced Single Page Application focusing first on mobile users giving desktop users visual and whitespace- buck for their money. Service Workers are in place allowing for offline browsing and push notifications to bring users back to the experience at all times.

Technology case-study

Umbraco & Server-side

Centurion Magazine is powered by Umbraco handling 40.000+ media elements and 5000+ articles. The solution is hosted in Microsoft's Azure cloud. It's running as a Web App with S3 configuration with load balancing for easy scaling across the globe, serving static content over Azure CDN.