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Pitch - United Nations

Democratise commenting on the internet.

Proposal from 2011 which we did together Morten Bak.

Our proposal is focusing on one of the major pillars in the work of UNDP – poverty. In understanding that UNDP is not a political organization, but a global collective addressing pressing issues and solving them through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Thus the following concept is not thought as the solution on how to end poverty, there is already a great deal of amazing initiatives helping locally, but staying true to the DNA of UNDP our proposal is a democratic and transparent concept.


We also tap into the notion that there already is a huge amount of data regarding global poverty issues, floating around in media, from where people gather information but sometimes forgetting that the media is attaching their view to the issue.

The point is exactly that the information is fragmented, not collected, not easy to comprehend, and at the end not easy to react on.


So, how do UNDP create awareness to global poverty?


Put simple UNDP will be the conveyer of an online tool accessible to all people, a tool that will:

Organize data -> Visualize information -> Create awareness & knowledge -> Organize people


UNDP will deliver objectiveness on poverty topics, providing the full picture, UNDP becoming the curator of all data – across all media - related to global and hyper local poverty.  And at the same time making all this information easy accessible to people right in their browser, real time, as the global online community discuss the issues.


In other words, this concept will actively give UNDP and the poverty issue a rightful space between media and people. Not intervening but merely empowering people with knowledge freed from certain views and the opportunity to discuss it. Which for a great part is what the Internet is all about.


Above all, it is important to keep in mind that this concept is manifested by one simple online tool, attached to the browser that we all know and use everyday. All other attached websites and social media initiatives gives access to depth and engagement in this endeavour.


Workshop on Democratising Tools

Talks and Workshops

For the workshops we do on the topic of  "Co-Creation of Democratising Tools" we take the opportunity to ask the participants to identify Areas around the Internet that they feel needs to be Democratised and then we co-create Tools enriched by AI that Democratises for the many people.

To get the ideation we do inspirational sessions where we show-cases examples on Areas and Tools, like Conversational Form and Comment Everywhere, that actively seeks to Democratise across the web by making them selves useful Tools for everyone, everywhere and with no cost associated to it.

As we continue the quest for democratising the internet and making it a better place we will continue to add to the pole of co-created Tools and we will keep you posted.

Come join us at our workshops or invite us to do one where you are!

In April we did a workshop together with SPACE10 at IAM festival with the mindset of inventing a better future in the internet age.

The framing of the workshop at IAM:

With Do You Speak Human?, SPACE10 is asking people how they feel about AI and what they expect from it — in essence seeking to democratise the development of AI. 
But democratisation of AI is not necessarily all about data and computation. It’s also about where it lives and what form it takes.
Check out the Democratising Tools that the brilliant and future postive minds co-created during the workshop at the workshop in Barcelona

Next up we are facilitating a workshop at HIRIKILABS in San Sebastian, Spain on 23. May.

"Hirikilabs is a laboratory for digital culture and technology working on the social, critical, creative and collaborative use of technology. As a space for experimentation and prototyping it proposes activities related to the digital world, collaborative creation and citizen initiative and does so in the context of an international production centre for contemporary culture such as Tabakalera."

June 15th we will be joining forces with SPACE10 at MADE IN SPACE Academy.