Relax, we are the good guys

was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Lisboa (Sintra).

JACK & JONES was our very first client when we opened Relax, we are the good guys back in Copenhagen in 2009.

Today JACK & JONES is one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear with more than two thousand stores in 38 countries and JACK & JONES clothes are sold by thousands of wholesale partners all over the world.

Over the years our role has expanded and besides the continuing work we do on e-commerce and campaign initiatives we also act as consultants, introducing workflows that create efficiency and ensure consistency and quality within the organization.

The Ultimate Jeans Guide

In Jack & Jones flagship stores you find a gigantic beautifully created and in-depth book that explains the process of creating Jeans. 
We make this information accessible by creating an online interactive version for everyone - Jeans Intelligence Studio. The Jeans platform was launched with; The Journey, Jeans Guide, Fit Guide and a Jeans Dictionary

The platform will be further developed with new initiatives, features and most recently a blog.


The Denim Journal Blog

The Denim Journal by JACK & JONES takes you behind the scenes of the Jeans Intelligence Studio. The aim of the blog is to put a face to the people behind the company and share the knowledge, innovation and craftsmanship that go into J&J jeans. It also offers useful styling tips and daily denim inspiration. 

A cool topical sidekick to the Jeans Studio Platform.


ONE STYLE – Endless Combinations

2 Styles - endless combinations e-commerce tool.

Interactive style guide with seamless shop integration for Jack & Jones brand and e-commerce website. Focusing on outfits, rather than individual products, is one of the basics of smart merchandising, and helps to drive up order values. 

Clean and simple, enjoy!



Go on a virtual road trip in this Out Run inspired game. 

To increase brand engagement for Jack & Jones Originals we introduced #honk as a new social currencyThe campaign invited users to go chasing for #honks on a virtual road trip inspired by 80's arcade games such as Out Run. The more #honks collected the greater chance of winning a real road trip to Florida

To add variety and motivate recurring site visits we built in lots of mini games and challenges togheter with a treasure hunt on Jack & Jones e-commerce site to drive more sales.
We also placed #honks in Jack & Jones stores to make the campaign come alive in the physical world and get users to visit the client's retail locations.


Lifestyle inspiration

One of the major business goals for Jack & Jones is to inspire users and customers through the different lifestyles/brands.

To ensure that the online shop reflected that goal the frontpage and inspiration pages were redesigned to be brand specific and had elements added such as Quotes, Styletips and Designers choice to make the pages more inspirational and offer our users the story of each brand.  

Together with Jack & Jones team we decided to make it as a parallax site where the users could scroll through all of the lifestyles and experience it through lookbooks, spinning products and easy-to-digest storytelling.

Low Impact Denim

Jack & Jones has lately had more and more focus on creating more sustainable clothing, and thus the Low Impact Denim concept came to live. 

The site was built with the idea of Google Maps in mind, where we placed all the different Low Impact Denim products, videos, images and descriptions on a big blackboard, which users then get the chance to explore through various interaction options.

It is designed for the iPad as a base platform to ensure it would come to live nicely in the physical shops and to support the retina display from the start.

How to stay safe

Built as a combination of a TV Commercial and a micro site, the goal of the project was to adapt the TVC into something more engaging and interactive, while also adding an e-commerce element with a strong jacket focus.

Our solution was to creative a multidimensional player that plays the chapters of the story, and effectively seperating the different sub-brands of Jack & Jones, while also letting the users explore and buy the jackets as they experience the story.

Fitness Club

Tina Casciani invites you to join the "get in shape and ready for action" Fitness Club. 

This is the 1st interactive film campaign along the concept developed by &Co. that, men are hunted prey. The campaign is built as a combination of a TV Commercial and a micro site.

The goal of the global campaign was to adapt the TV Commercial into something more engaging and interactive, while also adding an e-commerce layer with a strong lifestyle focus.