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was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Lisboa (Sintra).

Katvig - Brand Website

Katvig is one of the most sustainable children's clothing brands available today. Known for its Apples and Stripes as well as its concern for the environment, fashion workers and consumers.

The design draws inspiration from the brand's geometric patterns and vibrant colors. The content is organized within a responsive grid where it's mixed with the brand's iconic graphics and slogans to create a unity.

Every page is represented by two complimentary colors from the current collection, which ensures that the design always embraces the images and stands out fresh. A lot of parents are willing to upload images of their Katvig kids on Instagram so we decided to invite them as co-creators and let them shine in the footer along with updates from the company's Facebook page.



Luckily for us a key online strategy for cool cat, Katvig, is to develop on brand games that allows the customers and their kids to be entertained while browsing the website.

Integrating the playfullness of Katvig's identity into the digital platform allows us to drive customers to the website for on brand customised games and competitions.

This first game is a image lottery where you have to remember the iconic Katvig patterns.