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The Magic Cat

The mystery about Teddy's ragdoll

Discover the distinctive, multilingual and quirky universe as you tap your way through the animated scenes and enjoy all the sweet audio and visual experiences. The experience is created for the little ones and the light hearted ones!

The series about The Magic Cat is one of Relax, we are the good guys' own products and we are constantly working on new ideas to evolve the Magic Cat's universe. A big part of the Magic Cat's universe is the music created by Julie Michelsen and you find all the mesmerising songs on SoundCloud.

The Magic Cat project is created jointly with the Danish artist Stine Maria Aalykke from the art collective CAN who has written 2 books about The Magic Cat and this app is build on the storytelling of the 2nd book, "The mystery of Teddy´s rag doll".

You can find and download The Magic Cat hereiTunes & Google play and keep up-to-date and follow The Magic Cat on Facebook and on The Magic Cat's very own website.

The Magic Cat - Weather Report

Check the weather, get great advice on what to wear and sleep tight. ZZZZZZZzzz

As you all know there is no such thing as bad weather. What you probably did not know was that the The Magic Cat is rather classy - you will soon learn this during the seasons of the year when The Magic Cat shows up in all kinds of different chic outfits designed by fashionista Stine Maria Aalykke.

As the seasons changes so does the soundtrack - 1 song for each of the 4 seasons which are interpretations of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

And when the clock hits 7pm The Magic Cat goes to sleep and the kids can watch him snoring away under the starry sky until 6am when he gets up.
Watching the Magic Cat dream away will hopefully inspires the little ones to go to bed together with The Magic Cat;)

The Magic Cat is an illustrated character created in a quirky style that could probably best be described as a "feel good" take on the Twin Peaks universe. 

You can download the Magic Cat Weather Report on iTunes and follow him on Facebook for news in the Universe of the Magic Cat.


The Magic Cat - Website

The Magic Cat needed his own crazy little website to fold out his universe of cute weirdness.

He loves X-mas and every year he celebrates by dressing up and adding bells, whistles and X-Mas trees. Julie sings a merry song and every week of advent the kids can win a present in the image lottery.

On the website, you find all that you could ever want as a Magic Cat fan.