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Another CPH

The Selfie Collection

Are selfies just selfish, or can you focus on yourself while also thinking of others? Launching the best selfie phone to date, it was time to ask: Can a Selfie really do good?

Introducing The Selfie Collection! A fashion collection with a twist where cool personalities from Denmark, Sweden & Norway have gathered, taking selfies with the Nokia Lumia 735 whilst donating their own fashion items to our auction raising money to fight online bullying. #SelfieCollection735ing.


The Zoom Project

Nokia hoped to capitalize on what it considered a defining moment in history: the way we capture and convey news. So it created the #ZOOMPROJECT, redefining the way we seek out and hear about the news. Reporters were sent around the world to deliver stories and pictures requested by the public via Twitter.

The Zoom Project appeared in major primetime news media outlets, with coverage of the reported stories, as well as how Nokia's Lumia 1020 smartphone is changing news coverage and photography. The project was even mentioned on CNN, during breaking news coverage of "The Teachers' Riots in Brazil."

Open Song Project Project

To introduce their new song 'Hibernation', electro-rockers Spleen United's interactive music video invited fans to put it together any way they like. At first, without even showing the band's own version.

Normally a band releases a song – just one song.

Through the experimentation of The Open Song Project, we managed to get a host of fans to create their own bespoke song, resulting in not one song, but more than 700 individual songs, all accompanied by visuals from the Nokia Lumia 920's Pureview Camera.

The Nokia Lumia 920 had the most advanced camera in a smartphone at the time thanks to Pureview technology. We wanted to put this to the test by creating an interactive music video that was solely created with the phone, no use of filters or photo editing.

Amazing Everyday Documentary Project

To launch the new Lumia 800 Windows phone from Nokia we created a concept together with Naked, based upon an ambassador driven film creation idea. 

The Amazing Everyday Documentary Project has seen 100 of the most interesting people armed with their Nokia Lumia smartphone, chasing short stories for 3 weeks, tasked with the aim of turning a number of everyday words into something amazing.

More than 1100 films came in, and was viewed more than 230,000 times in the short duration of the project. As the culmination of the project, 3 very different Danish Directors; Michael Noer, Martin De Thurah & Kasper Wedendahl, curated and edited the vast material into their own unique vision which was showcased at an cinema event in Copenhagen.

Distortion Daily Documentaries

The 2nd Amazing Everyday campaign for Nokia in collaboration with Distortion Festival involved 6 savvy party goers commissioned with the new Nokia Lumia 900, who through the 5 days Festival in the streets of Copenhagen documented the insane moments of the festival.

More than 150 videos were produced with geo tags and presented as a heat map visualising the DNA of the street party.