Relax, we are the good guys

was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Sintra

RWATGG product

brand & e-commerce

We have handpicked some of the most distinguished craftsmen and artists from around the world to bring their skills to the four-legged domain.

The result is an exclusive, purpose-made range of products that make your dog’s life better while supporting animal welfare.

RELAX Dog supports The Humane Society and together with the animal welfare organisations that our artists choose to support in their local area with 10% of their revenue from RELAX Dog, we get to support all over the world from Norway to Japan.

We are happy to hear from you and get your input on animale welfare organisations that you think we should be supporting. 

Our diverse range of products includes beautiful custom built baskets, hand knitted blankets, ceramic water bowls and dog healing crystals.

Our organic dry hair shampoo gets your canine clean and fresh without the use of any water and our new wave hypnotic music brings absolute zen to you and you friend.

You can follow our blog where we will be covering whats up in a doggy world.