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was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires - now you can find us in Berlin and Sintra

PEACE inc.

Installation for WCDRR

This is the first project created together with our Japanese friendship agency PEACE inc. for the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

PEACE inc. has a strong focus on goodwill projects and works closely with the city of Sendai to create positive and motivating experiences for the children to help them get their courage back. 

PEACE inc. actively works on expanding the connection between the Art Scene in Denmark to the Art Scene in Japan and most recently they introduced our favourite magasine "Plethora Magazine" to the Japanese market. 

A PEACE inc. quote; 

"Smiles and happinessa become motive power for all of us. Smiles bring another smiles which change people's action to a better one. We take approaches in order to produce the chains of smiles."


The WCDRR conference was held in Sendai, Japan and stakeholders from all over the world joined the extensive programme during the 5 days.

Together with PEACE inc. we created 3 interactive data visualisations, which were installed on large TV Screens in the center of SENDAI MEDIATHEQUE - a public institution that serves as a base for activities related to art and moving image. 

The installations visualises the Geophysical effects, Energy, Foreshocks, Aftershocks and Damage during the first 24 hours and up until now - 4 years after the Great Eastern Earthquake.


The iPad's worked as the controllers for the users to interact with the content on the TV screens.

TV Screen

The content was shown on the TV Screens so that an audience besides the user controlling the experience could be a part of the experience.


We started prototyping the iPad application using the Javascript Canvas API, this allowed us to collaboratly test out things quickly via the browser. To test out the Javascript application on the actual device, we used the plug-and-play cross-compiler library Ejecta.js to compile the Canvas app to native Obj-c code.
When we had tested everything checked off in the prototype phase we moved the codebase to Flash/Actionscript, using Adobe AIR to cross-compile the app to a native iPad app. With a 100% custom user interface Flash allowed us to easily make complicated animations and interactions.

For the TV/screenpart of the project we also used Adobe AIR to compile a Native OSX Application. Using the AIR API to seamlessly connect the iPad application with the desktop application over Wifi.

Created together with PEACE inc. & CARAMEL